Speech Recognition Service: An Advanced AI for Hands-Free Control

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Speech recognition software is based on highly advanced AI. It identifies the spoken languages and acts accordingly by using the respective algorithms. The software is meant to analyze the sound and tries to convert it into readable text. It is quite helpful for those who cannot operate a computer or are physically disabled.

As per the latest BBC report, these systems are highly efficient and they can easily recognize 95% of the sound correctly. For greater efficiency, one should talk clearly. As we all know every person’s voice varies, hence enrollment of voice is a must for speech recognition systems before it gets used. Technology is getting wider and more advanced day by day. Today we have many advanced speech recognition service apps that not only make our life simple but also reduce our efforts and save time.


So what are the advantages of using this technology? Why do we want our computers to understand our speech when we can type which is usually faster and quieter. 

Here are some technical areas where this  technology is playing a vital role

  • Conversation with Robot: This might sound unrealistic to you but you will be amazed to know that robots are being employed in the organization for a specific task once performed by humans. For example, firms are exploring new possibilities to use robots and software to perform job interviews. As we all know, without conversation job interviews can’t be done. So it's mandatory that robots can interpret the speech of the interviewee. And this is how this technology works
  • Controlling and Accessing Digital Devices: We all are familiar with Siri, Alexa, and Google Home. You can command these digital personal assistants for some specific task. They are the perfect example of machine learning and help us to understand how AI is getting advanced and now able to understand your speech over time through experience. These personal assistants use speech recognition technology to understand your commands and serve the desired result.
  • Aiding the Visually and Hearing-Impaired Individuals: Applications based on voice recognition systems are quite useful for many people with visual and hearing impairments. These systems are critical communication tools for physically disabled people and help them to have a normal life. There are many market leaders who provide customized applications that are meant to serve a specific purpose. GreyMatterZ is among the leading Speech Recognition Service Providers and helps you to have your customized application as per your need.
  • Allow Hands-Free Control: While driving, your hands and eyes are occupied but still, you can command your phone to perform multiple tasks. These generally include navigation, music play, weather reports & forecast, or even sending a text message. We all are familiar with Apple’s Siri or Google Maps. These applications are based on speech recognition technology and follow our commands. And this is how technology is enabling hands-free control.



Speech recognition technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives, but for now, the technology has some limitations on a few simple commands. As AI is getting advanced, researchers will soon develop more updated and intelligent systems for voice recognition. One day we will be able to communicate with our computers the way we talk to human beings. Processing, interpreting, and understanding a speech signal are the key factors of many advanced communication tools. Soon we will witness exponential growth in this technology.

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