3 Frameworks That Make ML Game Easy With Python


Nowadays, Machine learning technology has become a buzzword, and many social media groups talk about it. Most businesses have already started working on this, and some plan to integrate it into their software design and development. When it comes to products, using the PHP language with machine learning is gaining immense recognition. The two-decade-old open-source framework offers a bundle of reasons to choose it. In this write-up, we will cover some widely used frameworks for building Machine Learning applications using PHP that make things hassle-free for developers. Let us start with a basic understanding of AI.

PHP libraries for Machine Learning

As we know, the procedure of application development with PHP is equally easy and thrilling as it offers an abundance of ML and AI-related work.


When we talk about frameworks, RubixML is a high-level ML library that offers many supervised and unsupervised algorithms to solve computer problems. In addition, there are use cases and examples through which developers can make the best use of AI concepts. Most code examples are free to download and are readily available in the GitHub repository in this framework.


As the name denotes, it is a library developed to handle Machine learning tasks using PHP. The library consists of various ML algorithms and data processing APIs that make data cleanups and feature extractions easier to handle.

Machine learning is a new technique, and for many developers, Python web development services is a strange option for ML.

Brainy PHP

It is the best framework if you are planning to develop a primary neural network. However, this library is used mainly by beginners of AI who are new to AI concepts, without the overhead of learning new languages such as React, Python, or others.


Simply put, we can say that various libraries and algorithms are available that are powerful and complex. But, unfortunately, companies with small teams cannot make the best use of them because some teams don't have skilled machine learning engineers. Thus to create a practical yet robust application, you need to connect with a Python Web App Development Company that makes the task easier for your business.

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